Spinning a tragedy, part two 

The right wing commentators on twitter have taken two avenues when spinning a human tragedy to suit their usual narrative. 

If you are Stephen Yaxley Lennon, (formally the leader of the EDL and now the leader of those who were in the ELD plus UKIP hangers on, BNP organisers and Americans whose knowledge of Britain comes via Farage on Fox News) you initially post sympathy for the victims and then you go down the route of questioning why people (Muslims and other people not the same as Stephen) protested about the fire but not about terrorism. The oxygen he was getting from terrorist incidents was being withdrawn because of another tragedy, this one involving the very people he demonises. How galling for him. The narrative needed to be adjusted to suit him so let’s make it about Muslims .. spinning a tragedy. 

This goes hand in hand with this .. a need to make the victims non British and therefore not worthy of sympathy  .. or at least not equal sympathy with the victims of terrorism. 

For David Vance and others the approach has been two fold: 

One, ignore the fact that the block was a mix of social housing and privately owned flats and attack the residents as somehow not being poor .. as well as being foreigners .. or in receipt of huge housing benefits (as if this somehow makes their death less tragic) 

Two, make it about Muslims and left wing activists. (Vance completely ignores the fact that the spokesperson at the demonstration has lost friends in the fire, was questioned and released 10 years ago, whilst Richard Kemp associates him with a known hate preacher when no association exists) 
This is what Vance posts: 

This is what Richard Kemp posts .. notice Raheem retweets it to his followers .. 

And let’s not forget Jack Montgomery, Breitbart journalist and chief brexit bod in Scotland: 

In the knowledge that it will act as a dog whistle for their followers who reply thus: 

For Raheem it was disgust that a Labour MP who lost a friend in the fire should dare to suggest that safe social housing was as much of the social contract that the government has with society as the NHS and education. Raheem spins it into a request from Labour for penthouses for all. Those like Raheem can not allow the left to determine the narrative, they need to make the request for decent social housing look obscene, over the top .. an attack on the working population. Forgetting it was working men and women who lost their lives. 

For David, Raheem, Paul (Prison Planet) Watson and their hangers on it has developed into an opportunity to spin against the left, the young, the politically active. When a group of local people went to the council building the knifes were out. You could see the hope that overnight there would be riots. The real need of people to find out what is going on is lost in the desire to call people thugs. 

One comment on the left, yesterday one commentator printed a blog claiming a D Notice had been issued. This was irresponsible – for people who are suffering, who are grieving for friends and family, who have lost everything it gave them the fear that the authorities were already lying to them. It inflamed an already tense situation, it was not necessary and was not true. 


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