When inciting hatred is easy 

You may have seen Paul Watson, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins  and others sharing and retweeting a Muslim housing association advert on twitter and Facebook. 

This is nothing but incitement to hate. There are literally hundreds of Christian and Jewish and Muslim housing assocIitons in the UK. A simple google search will reveal this to be the case. Many of those housing associations that were set up ornignally to help members of the BME community have now moved into housing all in need, as the need as increased accross the UK.

Take this housing association as an example 

The North London Housing Assocation does target the Muslim community. It specialises in housing larger families who might otherwise find it difficult to find housing. Indeed the association has close links with another housing association that has a tradition of large multi generational families .. Agusdas Isreal, a Jewish housing association. This could also been found out with a simple search of google. It houses people regardless of religion .. as thus statement makes clear. 

In conclusion these type of tweets and social media posts by Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Paul Watson are nothing but incitement to hate and violence to their band of followers who are too lazy to research what they hate.  


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