How to get 5 mins of altright fame 

You might have seen this photo of Jonaya Fenessa English after the march in Manchester by the rump of the EDL , assorted BNP members and the remains of the North West Infidels (those not in jail) 

This gave Jonaya her initial five mins of fame. Lots of comments about a mixed race girl attending a march supposedly attended by racists. (Remember that anyone can be a racist) she lapped it up. Reset her social media, new personal FB page , new political FB page “theinsurgentsonline”.

However this 5mins of fame has led to a need for more. So what to do. 

Claim a stifling of freedom of speech, make is about Muslims stifling that speech, claim they are denying her a place at university. 

The timeline 

Four days ago she received an email from the campus liaison police officer. The police officer wanted to contact her regarding an harassment and stalking complaint (note no mention of twitter or the person who made the accusation)


Jonaya has admitted that she has not spoken to the police officer and has no idea what the complaint was about:

What she did do was make an immediate complaint to the IPPC .. who sent her a holding email ..


Now it gets interesting. She spent four days retweeting her story (don’t forget she admits she has not spoken to the police and therefore has no idea what the complaint is about) she then goes all out to make this about a Muslim girl and a Muslim policeman.


Yesterday she made a video to tell her side of a story, although she has no idea who made the complaint and what is it about. She knows her audience and she so she made sure to emphasise the “Muslim” policeman threatening a non Muslim woman because of a tweet about Muslims. Is this true? Well there is no proof that it is, but it makes a good story! 

She tweeted a picture of the policeman ..

And as I predicted earlier in the evening she got what she was aiming for .. 5 mins of fame via Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson:


Come today and out come the usual suspects who jump on any bandwagon as long as it involves blaming Muslims for something bad .. just remember when you read these tweets from Hopkins that she has no idea why the policeman wanted to speak to Jonaya, because Jonaya herself has no idea. She refused to contact the policeman concerned. She has threatened the policeman concerned, shared his picture with her rabid followers. She should remember that  threatening a policeman is a criminal offence. 

Let’s not forget Raheem Kassam and Breitbart .. 

Or the cellar dwelling Prison Planet ..

And there we have it a full house .. Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Paul Watson and Raheem Kassam – and not one of them know why the police wanted to speak to the young woman concerned – because she doesn’t! 

As a footnote I emailed the police officer concerned last night to warn him that his name was being shared on twitter with serious accusations being made. 

She then lied and claimed that I had reported her for hate speech .. so I know she’s a liar! 

I have no idea of the truth of the matter, but then neither does Jonaya, Katie Hopkins, the staff at Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam and the 1000’s of twitter users that have lapped this up and come on my time line to ask if I support FGM , stoning Homosexuals and Sharia Law. 

Twitter is a powerful way of sharing ideas, it’s also a way of sharing hate, stoking up rumours and getting your 5 mins of fame. 

And now, confirmation that it’s an ongoing investigation and nothing to do with a tweet.

Katie meanwhile is doubling down on her hate. She claims the above statement is a lie and has turned to bullying the victim in this case,

Katie Hopkins is no journalist, she is a hate monger .. for money! 


20 thoughts on “How to get 5 mins of altright fame 

  1. this article doesnt make any sense. you are just telling the exact same time line as the other side but then whilst they have a reason for why the police are contacting her, you do not. what was the point other than to spread your hatred for free speech? and just to let you know, im a left leaning feminist but i dont take nonesense from either side

  2. Funny you diddnt show the main tweet where he said he will talk to the uni about removing her application, also this same police force is the same one that coverd up the rape circle so I wouldn’t put it past then to lie about a tweet.

  3. We know three things as facts:
    the police officer says he wants to speak to this young woman “regarding a potential harassment/stalking complaint”;
    he wishes to pursue this investigation over the phone;
    because she not spoken to him on the phone he has threatened to ask “Newcastle University to withdraw their offer” to the young woman.

    The rest is just irrelevant to the central issue of whether the officer is acting appropriately. Are you defending the officer’s threat to disclose information about an investigation to the University? I am struggling to think of circumstances where it would be a lawful disclosure.

      1. Sorry to go on about this (I have no sympathy for the young woman’s views, and even less for her choice of friends and associates) but surely it is of great concern that the police should abuse their powers, regardless of whether we are in agreement with the political views of the person affected. Disclosure of information is governed by Common Law Police Disclosure regulations and I would draw your attention to two points in particular:

        “Information is passed on at charge or arrest rather than on conviction…” This young woman has not been arrested or charged.
        “Information is provided for the specific purpose of informing [employers etc.] of a potential risk and enabling [them] to make a subsequent assessment of that risk.” In this instance, even if an arrest had been made or charges brought (and they haven’t) it goes well beyond the powers of the police to advise an employer what action they should take, which is what the officer’s message implies he will do.

        Again, I am wholeheartedly in support of any anti-fascist activity but we should be alert to fascist behaviour by the police too.

  4. Great stuff from a liberal life. Please keep calling out the alt right / racist masquerading as crusaders for british values (whatever the fuck they are)
    It’s upsetting how full Twitter is of their toxic shit, if I see another person linking an unrelated story involving a Muslim to FGM I’m going to…do nothing, because it’s going to happen the next time I look at Twitter. Twats!

  5. It’s laughable really – I mean, the inconsistent ramblings, the hysteria, the ‘campaigns’, the anger and desperation for attention and sheer stupidity of the alt-right and their promoters. Her ‘interview’ with Country Squire ‘Magazine’ is the worst – for example she believes Brexit will facilitate withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights whereas this is nothing to do with membership of the EU! She is still a child with a lot to learn. Real lowest common-denominator stuff.

  6. You are no better. Using other people’s problems as content for your shite blog? Ha. Can’t you think of anything actually intelligent to say? Why not attempt to come up with something interesting without your reactionary hate mongering towards views not of your own? Liberal? Doesn’t seem that way to me…

    1. Why thanks for your critique, but I think this is a classic example of how online commentators who get paid for their “wisdom” jump on any bandwagon without checking out the details first.
      But I will take your advise on board and ignore it.

  7. Hello, I’m a bit late to party but I want to add my 2 Hong Kong cents worth. I have had a good read of this blog post and not seen things from the view of Jonaya. As a Guardian reader, I’m sure she is fascist, racist scumbag who needs to be re-educated. However, the main thing that bothers my regressive, tofu digesting gut feelings is that the officer would pass on the details of this case to the university officials to decide whether she should be allowed on a certain course. As someone else pointed further up, the role of police is to uphold the law and keep the peace. You mentioned that she may involved in a stalking/harassment incident, I consider these to be serious offences. If there is any strong evidence against her then she should be brought in for questioning and charged if necessary. It seems strange that officer Khan asked her to call a number and then mentioned about taking things up with university if she did not comply. I’m sure Mr Khan is a fine police officer who holds the door open for old women, keeps pet budgies and practices Tai Chi but I think he has over stepped his mark this time.

    As for sharing his social media data, of course if he did not put them up in the first place then there would be nothing to share.

    1. The university acted through its safe guarding procedures for a student already at the university. From personal experience stalking cases can be difficult to prosecute and often end in an official warning from the police. If J refused to engage with the police the police have the absolute right to recommend to the university that this student may pose a threat to someone already in attendance. He absolutely did what he is supposed to do on behalf of the university. Her lying since and her continued harassment of another girl make this clear. Even her infamous supporters have dropped it like a very hot stone.

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