Women, social media and abuse 

In the last few days I have attracted a stalker.  The sort that purely sets up accounts to throw abuse in one persons direction. It has also set up a stalking account on Gab and I know that it is spending time try to access other social media sites where my accounts are locked and private. This troll was triggered by a blog that I did on a young lady who has made some dubious claims about a Muslim policeman and a young woman who may or may not have reported her for stalking. 

If you are a man or woman on social media and you stick your next over the parapet you can expect to get abuse thrown at you. If you are a woman you are vulnerable to abuse that is violent and sexual in nature. A few years ago Joshua Bonehill set up an account in my daughter name and accused me of being a paedophile, he eventually got sent to jail, but not for the abuse that he threw at the everyday bods on social media  – that got him community service – but rather Anti Semitic comments aimed at an MP. 

This troll calls himself Thomas Stewart .. he has four accounts on twitter, all reported but not yet permanently suspended  –  @tommyportsmouth @tommyportsmout1 @tommyprtsmth and @prtsmthtom82 – all blocked. He also has a Gab account which he links to in his twitter posts, this is where he posts the majority of his abuse, because on Gab it’s almost impossible to get an account suspended. 

He has mined my blog for details, taken a photo to use as his Gab profile:

I am not going to share all of the posts on here, I will share a list of the content. 

  • Called me a coal burner (one presumes that’s because I had an African husband)
  • Called my daughter a niglet ( a derogative term for a mixed race child)
  • Accused me of raping young men in Calais 
  • Accused me of being a member of ISIS
  • Accused me of causing my father death because I had an African Husband 
  • Told me to kill myself (multiple times)
  • Called me a rancid Cunt 
  • Told me I am aids infested 
  • Suggested I go and get some FGM 
  • Called me a dumb fuck whore (multiple times)
  • Called me a nigger slut 
  • Told me to throw my nigger niglet in the sea 
  • Informed me I am shit mother 
  • Constantly refers to my ex as a “third world nigger”
  • Called me a rancid witch with an aid infested mouth 
  • Accused my father of raping me 
  • Accused me of being a paedophile 
  • Posted details of my partners web site 
  • Posted details of my work place 
  • Posted details of what it thinks is my address 

The only post I will share is the last one. It gives you a flavour of the rest,

85 posts in three days, all of which contain a variation on the themes above. 

I am 46, I am secure in my life. I have a wonderful family, a great job that I love, I live in a beautiful place and I have some good friends. I know that everything that it writes is a lie and I know that no one who knows me would believe any of it.

But what if I was young and vulnerable, what if I did not have bags of confidence and a very good sense of me. It should be far easier to prevent this type of “freedom of speech”. The police find it difficult to tackle and according to recent stories in the the press it rather depends on which police force deals with your complaint as to wether it is taken seriously.

As women we should not have to lock down all our private information on social media, we should be able to write a blog about our parents, our marriages or our daughters and not expect to have this information used by those who want to abuse and if we are abused we should have a police force that has clear guidelines on what to do and who takes it seriously. 


Update .. its set up another Gab account in my name .. to give you a flavour of its content.  Apparently we are on stage 3 .. 



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