On calling people savages

Over the last few days I have seen numerous references referring to Africans as savages. Posts on social media that have claimed they are uncivilised, a 1000 years behind the West and incapable of developing. That they have no art, no culture and without our colonial intervention would have nothing today worth sharing with the rest of the world. I have been told that because their history was not written down, until us Europeans came along., it is irrelevant. One post claimed that as there were no paved roads in Africa until Europeans came to Africa they should be grateful for our interventions.

When my Ghanaian sister in law looks at Europe she sees a developed thriving continent that she envies .. or rather she envies the stuff we can buy. She is disgusted by the way that we treat our elderly. Our development has cost us, it has cost us our ability to care for those who are most vulnerable at the end of their lives. She reads stories of old people dying alone or abused in care homes and she asks me;
Why are we so "savage" to the elderly in our communities?
Why do we not respect them more?
And I have to explain that because we want to buy the things we have, because western society expects us to put the ability to contribute to our own greater good above all else, we have to out source the care of our elderly to others and that sometimes this goes wrong.

Who are the savages?


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