Katie Hopkins attacks the victim.

The BBC has shared the story of Resham Khan and her make up blog. To recap Resham and her cousin Jameel Muhktar, were attacked when acid was thrown through a car window in London. The man charged with the attack was John Tomlin, not a Muslim, not from Pakistan and not an Islamic terrorist.

The headline from the BBC has been posted by Katie Hopkins, connecting it to Muslims and blaming the BBC for normalising acid attacks.


It’s attracted the usual range of comments that show the majority failed to read the article, one must assume that Katie also did not read it.

In fact the article is a very moving, and a brave interview, with the victim of an acid attack who blogs the reality of her life after the attack. She does this by sharing her make up routine and photographs with the world via social media. You can find Reshan at @ReshKhan_ . You can find Katie Hopkins in the gutter where her ilk like to broadcast their hate from., but just remember, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, she, unlike others, is not looking up to the stars.


10 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins attacks the victim.

    1. She lives on bad things happening, it’s how she makes a living. We can choose to ignore her if we don’t agree with her. But the problem is that others do not and so to ignore is to enable.

  1. I feel that she is somewhere lower than a gutter. After all, in the words of Oscar Wilde, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

    Hatie Kopkins is maybe in a sewer, maybe in the very bowels of the Earth.

  2. I think most people these days recognise KH for the troll she is. It’s the oxygen of publicity, negative as it is, that sustains her.

  3. This woman is lower than a snake’s belly. She’s so low she could crawl under a door wearing a top hat! At what point are the authorities going to charge this woman with inciting hatred, lock her up away from civilised society and throw away the key?

  4. I don’t know the details of this case and I’m certainly not going to trust this source.
    I do know this …Katie Hopkins is a true hero that is fighting for her people and culture
    Few in the media is as Brave as she is, plenty probably think the same but are to afraid to risk speaking up

    1. If you can’t be bothered to find put the details of the case, then shut yer trap. That you also couldn’t be bothered to read this article before commenting on it shows your willful ignorance for what it is – idiocy.

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