Anne Marie Waters lies .. UKIP lap it up 

Anne Marie Waters is currently the bookies favourite to take over the leadership of UKIP. Having previously been banned by the national executive from standing in Lewisham. It now looks like a significant number of UKIP membere will vote for her. For some on the left this is a good thing, she will destroy the party, but as the leader of a small minority party she will be given a voice in the press that extends beyonds the one she currently has. This is important because her message is based on lies, exaggerations, hate and fear. 

Three weeks ago she made a speech in which she spoke about Sandwell, in this speech she said the following:

I read an article about Sandwell in Birmingham, where over a five year period more than 6000 young British children were raped by grooming gangs, in that small area of Birmingham , 6000 children in a five year period. I care about that and I care about the fact that we are still lying, we are still attacking people. 

Anne Marie read one of two articles on abuse cases in Sandwell, either this one in the Express and Star, or this in Breitbart.  Both articles make it clear that there were over 6000 cases where Sandwell and Dudley council issued child protection orders, over a five year period. However this is not 6000 cases of grooming, this is is 6000 cases of child abuse, this includes parental neglect, families were drugs and alcohol are a problem, families where one parents is abused by their partner, families were it is suspected that their is violence against a child and some cases where children are suspected of being groomed. The NSPCC has an extensive guide as to why and when child protection orders are issued, as does the CAB. Anne Marie claims she cares about lying – well she is lying and by doing so she is effectively dismissing as less than important the vast majority of child abuse cases that do not involve grooming. 

The majority of child protection plans, as this report of all cases in England between 2012 and 2016 makes clear, involve neglect and emotional abuse, of the 53000 protection plans put in place in 2016 just under 42000 involved neglect and emotional abuse. These are tragic cases which impact on the development of the child and which Anne Marie ignores by making abuse only about grooming. The grooming of young women is a problem, but it is not the only problem, and to make abuse only about this is to deny some of the other real problems that children face. 
Anne Marie has released a video that states her plans for UKIP in the first 100 days of her leadership. This video it becomes obvious that she has no interest in Europe and Brexit, unless as a vehicle for her own views on Islam and Muslims. In it she states the following:

The EU does not control our immigration policy regarding Africa and the Middle East and by linking these two issues together Anne Marie makes clear what she wants to make UKIP into. The political wing of Pegida, the EDL and Sharia Watch. She is piggy backing on the back of Brexit and some UKIP members are falling for it, indeed they embracing it as the natural extension of the Farage policy of a nod and a wink to the far right. 


Katie Hopkins attacks the victim.

The BBC has shared the story of Resham Khan and her make up blog. To recap Resham and her cousin Jameel Muhktar, were attacked when acid was thrown through a car window in London. The man charged with the attack was John Tomlin, not a Muslim, not from Pakistan and not an Islamic terrorist.

The headline from the BBC has been posted by Katie Hopkins, connecting it to Muslims and blaming the BBC for normalising acid attacks.

It’s attracted the usual range of comments that show the majority failed to read the article, one must assume that Katie also did not read it.

In fact the article is a very moving, and a brave interview, with the victim of an acid attack who blogs the reality of her life after the attack. She does this by sharing her make up routine and photographs with the world via social media. You can find Reshan at @ReshKhan_ . You can find Katie Hopkins in the gutter where her ilk like to broadcast their hate from., but just remember, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, she, unlike others, is not looking up to the stars.

On calling people savages

Over the last few days I have seen numerous references referring to Africans as savages. Posts on social media that have claimed they are uncivilised, a 1000 years behind the West and incapable of developing. That they have no art, no culture and without our colonial intervention would have nothing today worth sharing with the rest of the world. I have been told that because their history was not written down, until us Europeans came along., it is irrelevant. One post claimed that as there were no paved roads in Africa until Europeans came to Africa they should be grateful for our interventions.

When my Ghanaian sister in law looks at Europe she sees a developed thriving continent that she envies .. or rather she envies the stuff we can buy. She is disgusted by the way that we treat our elderly. Our development has cost us, it has cost us our ability to care for those who are most vulnerable at the end of their lives. She reads stories of old people dying alone or abused in care homes and she asks me;
Why are we so "savage" to the elderly in our communities?
Why do we not respect them more?
And I have to explain that because we want to buy the things we have, because western society expects us to put the ability to contribute to our own greater good above all else, we have to out source the care of our elderly to others and that sometimes this goes wrong.

Who are the savages?

Women, social media and abuse 

In the last few days I have attracted a stalker.  The sort that purely sets up accounts to throw abuse in one persons direction. It has also set up a stalking account on Gab and I know that it is spending time try to access other social media sites where my accounts are locked and private. This troll was triggered by a blog that I did on a young lady who has made some dubious claims about a Muslim policeman and a young woman who may or may not have reported her for stalking. 

If you are a man or woman on social media and you stick your next over the parapet you can expect to get abuse thrown at you. If you are a woman you are vulnerable to abuse that is violent and sexual in nature. A few years ago Joshua Bonehill set up an account in my daughter name and accused me of being a paedophile, he eventually got sent to jail, but not for the abuse that he threw at the everyday bods on social media  – that got him community service – but rather Anti Semitic comments aimed at an MP. 

This troll calls himself Thomas Stewart .. he has four accounts on twitter, all reported but not yet permanently suspended  –  @tommyportsmouth @tommyportsmout1 @tommyprtsmth and @prtsmthtom82 – all blocked. He also has a Gab account which he links to in his twitter posts, this is where he posts the majority of his abuse, because on Gab it’s almost impossible to get an account suspended. 

He has mined my blog for details, taken a photo to use as his Gab profile:

I am not going to share all of the posts on here, I will share a list of the content. 

  • Called me a coal burner (one presumes that’s because I had an African husband)
  • Called my daughter a niglet ( a derogative term for a mixed race child)
  • Accused me of raping young men in Calais 
  • Accused me of being a member of ISIS
  • Accused me of causing my father death because I had an African Husband 
  • Told me to kill myself (multiple times)
  • Called me a rancid Cunt 
  • Told me I am aids infested 
  • Suggested I go and get some FGM 
  • Called me a dumb fuck whore (multiple times)
  • Called me a nigger slut 
  • Told me to throw my nigger niglet in the sea 
  • Informed me I am shit mother 
  • Constantly refers to my ex as a “third world nigger”
  • Called me a rancid witch with an aid infested mouth 
  • Accused my father of raping me 
  • Accused me of being a paedophile 
  • Posted details of my partners web site 
  • Posted details of my work place 
  • Posted details of what it thinks is my address 

The only post I will share is the last one. It gives you a flavour of the rest,

85 posts in three days, all of which contain a variation on the themes above. 

I am 46, I am secure in my life. I have a wonderful family, a great job that I love, I live in a beautiful place and I have some good friends. I know that everything that it writes is a lie and I know that no one who knows me would believe any of it.

But what if I was young and vulnerable, what if I did not have bags of confidence and a very good sense of me. It should be far easier to prevent this type of “freedom of speech”. The police find it difficult to tackle and according to recent stories in the the press it rather depends on which police force deals with your complaint as to wether it is taken seriously.

As women we should not have to lock down all our private information on social media, we should be able to write a blog about our parents, our marriages or our daughters and not expect to have this information used by those who want to abuse and if we are abused we should have a police force that has clear guidelines on what to do and who takes it seriously. 


Update .. its set up another Gab account in my name .. to give you a flavour of its content.  Apparently we are on stage 3 .. 


How to get 5 mins of altright fame 

You might have seen this photo of Jonaya Fenessa English after the march in Manchester by the rump of the EDL , assorted BNP members and the remains of the North West Infidels (those not in jail) 

This gave Jonaya her initial five mins of fame. Lots of comments about a mixed race girl attending a march supposedly attended by racists. (Remember that anyone can be a racist) she lapped it up. Reset her social media, new personal FB page , new political FB page “theinsurgentsonline”.

However this 5mins of fame has led to a need for more. So what to do. 

Claim a stifling of freedom of speech, make is about Muslims stifling that speech, claim they are denying her a place at university. 

The timeline 

Four days ago she received an email from the campus liaison police officer. The police officer wanted to contact her regarding an harassment and stalking complaint (note no mention of twitter or the person who made the accusation)


Jonaya has admitted that she has not spoken to the police officer and has no idea what the complaint was about:

What she did do was make an immediate complaint to the IPPC .. who sent her a holding email ..


Now it gets interesting. She spent four days retweeting her story (don’t forget she admits she has not spoken to the police and therefore has no idea what the complaint is about) she then goes all out to make this about a Muslim girl and a Muslim policeman.


Yesterday she made a video to tell her side of a story, although she has no idea who made the complaint and what is it about. She knows her audience and she so she made sure to emphasise the “Muslim” policeman threatening a non Muslim woman because of a tweet about Muslims. Is this true? Well there is no proof that it is, but it makes a good story! 

She tweeted a picture of the policeman ..

And as I predicted earlier in the evening she got what she was aiming for .. 5 mins of fame via Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson:


Come today and out come the usual suspects who jump on any bandwagon as long as it involves blaming Muslims for something bad .. just remember when you read these tweets from Hopkins that she has no idea why the policeman wanted to speak to Jonaya, because Jonaya herself has no idea. She refused to contact the policeman concerned. She has threatened the policeman concerned, shared his picture with her rabid followers. She should remember that  threatening a policeman is a criminal offence. 

Let’s not forget Raheem Kassam and Breitbart .. 

Or the cellar dwelling Prison Planet ..

And there we have it a full house .. Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Paul Watson and Raheem Kassam – and not one of them know why the police wanted to speak to the young woman concerned – because she doesn’t! 

As a footnote I emailed the police officer concerned last night to warn him that his name was being shared on twitter with serious accusations being made. 

She then lied and claimed that I had reported her for hate speech .. so I know she’s a liar! 

I have no idea of the truth of the matter, but then neither does Jonaya, Katie Hopkins, the staff at Rebel Media and Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam and the 1000’s of twitter users that have lapped this up and come on my time line to ask if I support FGM , stoning Homosexuals and Sharia Law. 

Twitter is a powerful way of sharing ideas, it’s also a way of sharing hate, stoking up rumours and getting your 5 mins of fame. 

And now, confirmation that it’s an ongoing investigation and nothing to do with a tweet.

Katie meanwhile is doubling down on her hate. She claims the above statement is a lie and has turned to bullying the victim in this case,

Katie Hopkins is no journalist, she is a hate monger .. for money! 

When inciting hatred is easy 

You may have seen Paul Watson, Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins  and others sharing and retweeting a Muslim housing association advert on twitter and Facebook. 

This is nothing but incitement to hate. There are literally hundreds of Christian and Jewish and Muslim housing assocIitons in the UK. A simple google search will reveal this to be the case. Many of those housing associations that were set up ornignally to help members of the BME community have now moved into housing all in need, as the need as increased accross the UK.

Take this housing association as an example 

The North London Housing Assocation does target the Muslim community. It specialises in housing larger families who might otherwise find it difficult to find housing. Indeed the association has close links with another housing association that has a tradition of large multi generational families .. Agusdas Isreal, a Jewish housing association. This could also been found out with a simple search of google. It houses people regardless of religion .. as thus statement makes clear. 

In conclusion these type of tweets and social media posts by Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Paul Watson are nothing but incitement to hate and violence to their band of followers who are too lazy to research what they hate.  

Spinning a tragedy, part two 

The right wing commentators on twitter have taken two avenues when spinning a human tragedy to suit their usual narrative. 

If you are Stephen Yaxley Lennon, (formally the leader of the EDL and now the leader of those who were in the ELD plus UKIP hangers on, BNP organisers and Americans whose knowledge of Britain comes via Farage on Fox News) you initially post sympathy for the victims and then you go down the route of questioning why people (Muslims and other people not the same as Stephen) protested about the fire but not about terrorism. The oxygen he was getting from terrorist incidents was being withdrawn because of another tragedy, this one involving the very people he demonises. How galling for him. The narrative needed to be adjusted to suit him so let’s make it about Muslims .. spinning a tragedy. 

This goes hand in hand with this .. a need to make the victims non British and therefore not worthy of sympathy  .. or at least not equal sympathy with the victims of terrorism. 

For David Vance and others the approach has been two fold: 

One, ignore the fact that the block was a mix of social housing and privately owned flats and attack the residents as somehow not being poor .. as well as being foreigners .. or in receipt of huge housing benefits (as if this somehow makes their death less tragic) 

Two, make it about Muslims and left wing activists. (Vance completely ignores the fact that the spokesperson at the demonstration has lost friends in the fire, was questioned and released 10 years ago, whilst Richard Kemp associates him with a known hate preacher when no association exists) 
This is what Vance posts: 

This is what Richard Kemp posts .. notice Raheem retweets it to his followers .. 

And let’s not forget Jack Montgomery, Breitbart journalist and chief brexit bod in Scotland: 

In the knowledge that it will act as a dog whistle for their followers who reply thus: 

For Raheem it was disgust that a Labour MP who lost a friend in the fire should dare to suggest that safe social housing was as much of the social contract that the government has with society as the NHS and education. Raheem spins it into a request from Labour for penthouses for all. Those like Raheem can not allow the left to determine the narrative, they need to make the request for decent social housing look obscene, over the top .. an attack on the working population. Forgetting it was working men and women who lost their lives. 

For David, Raheem, Paul (Prison Planet) Watson and their hangers on it has developed into an opportunity to spin against the left, the young, the politically active. When a group of local people went to the council building the knifes were out. You could see the hope that overnight there would be riots. The real need of people to find out what is going on is lost in the desire to call people thugs. 

One comment on the left, yesterday one commentator printed a blog claiming a D Notice had been issued. This was irresponsible – for people who are suffering, who are grieving for friends and family, who have lost everything it gave them the fear that the authorities were already lying to them. It inflamed an already tense situation, it was not necessary and was not true.